Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slug Slime And Other Hand Softeners

Quick Tip
Your hands will probably be discussed more often than you think. Just as often you are out among the people. If your hands are in his pocket, people look at them. The following five tips to make your hands softer than ever imagined.

 Treat Palm

All you need is a little of your favorite scented moisturizer and a pair of hands who need a little TLC. Apply a small amount in the fleshy part of the hand and fingers lace together. Now take your thumb and start massaging the palm. Once the moisturizer is gone, give the other a little attention and begin to massage the other one. It feels good and relaxes you in the background.

 Exfoliate Your Hands

You must be looking at this position and you wonder why? Before you say another word, add a little sugar in your liquid soap for hands and wash and rinse as usual. Have you ever felt the hands of that silky smooth?

 Use gloves

This is especially true in winter when the icy winds can do nasty things to your hands, but it is also important if your hands are in contact with water.

 The softest hands in the Morning

This can be easily achieved by applying the lotion every night before bedtime. It becomes a habit and a rough, chapped hands in the past. This is one of the best ways.

 Slug Slime

Snails are good for your hands after WT Fernie. He published his results in 1905 and proclaimed that rubbing the skin can be alleviated with the slime of a slug. So what do you do? Put slugs on the sore area of ​​your hand and let it crawl. When the section is sticky, you can then let go Slug!


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