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Women Who Have Menopause Much Before Hitting - Women Exercises

Women Exercises
Researchers led by Chisato Nagata Gifu University followed more than 3,100 premenopausal women 10 years. Those who exercise the most - eight to 10 hours per week - were 17 percent more likely to begin menopause during the study than their sedentary counterparts.

Similarly, women who in most polyunsaturated fats found in many fish and vegetable oils, were 15 percent more likely to reach menopause than those who received the least.

During menopause, a woman's ovaries stop producing eggs and she can no longer get pregnant. It usually starts at the age of 41 and 55

For the study, Nagata and colleagues have provided food and questionnaires for women 35-56 in the beginning. In the last ten neat, almost 1,800 of them through menopause.

Although it is unclear how old they were when it happened, the results - published in the journal Menopause - has suggested that women are very active and have lots of polyunsaturated fats are more likely to reach menopause earlier.

Does it mean women are less exposed to high levels of estrogen, said JoAnn Manson, President of the North American Menopause Society. Estrogen promotes breast tumors, which may explain why premature menopause is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer.

On the other hand, early menopause was also associated with an increased risk of heart disease and bone thinning, she said.

"Women do not want to worry about who would be at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis by making changes in lifestyle," he said.

"The benefits far outweigh the risks."

Other studies of menopause have been inconsistent. Examples are a lot of exercise - usually at least five hours of exercise a week - is linked to early menopause. But have also been linked to irregular menstrual cycles, which can lead to menopause later.

Even in the latter study, the researchers said that the relationship between exercise and the time of menopause was "little value."

Women Exercises
Total fat and saturated fat, which comes largely from the animals, had no effect on the timing of menopause, Nagata and colleagues said.

Manson, also at Harvard Medical School, said physical activity reduces estrogen levels, and this may be why it is linked to early onset of menopause.

"The message of this study is that regular physical activity and healthy habits for normal heart are recommended to reduce the risk of many hormone-dependent cancers and osteoporosis," he said.

"It has a modest effect, but no matter."

Women who spend a lot of time exercising or eating a healthy diet for the heart seems to reach menopause earlier, according to a Japanese research - the results, the researchers say, could be important in cancer prevention.

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