Saturday, August 20, 2011

Women Need to Know The Health?

Women's health directly affect the cancer, which is believed to have been diagnosed in more than one million people in the U.S., but it is known that the development of cancer can be reduced in practice a healthy lifestyle, Maintaining good nutrition and limit 'exposure to the sun.

Women should be an obstetrician-gynecologist or regular pelvic exams or for a sample of cells. This is especially true if they are 21 years or more. The medical community around the world the issue of women's health made more women aware of the rise of cancer as a serious disease that can lead to death, surpassed only by heart disease the leading causes of death among women. In addition, all cancer screening, a basic understanding of cancer prevention and cancer prevention programs contribute to a significant improvement in women's health. Young women diagnosed with breast cancer often receive better treatment than their older counterparts, while women want their doctors to see the condition, not age.

Internationally, breast cancer is the most common cancer women's health is. Some of the general detection of breast cancer screening is performed, which includes self-breast examination and mammography if only the latter has been shown to reduce mortality from breast cancer. Due to the risk that the causes of women's health, breast cancer, new technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging are needed to detect cancers that are not visible through mammography methods.

Another cause for concern seriously affects women's health, diabetes and control initiative against the disease, diabetes, National Public Health and Women's Health has produced a television video on diabetes and women's health and this video highlights the reality of women who give hope and encouragement to women and their families for people with diabetes.


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