Thursday, September 8, 2011

Be Careful When Running The Heat In Case Of Pregnancy

I was in a local path running last night, some of my ski-runner, and we had a pregnant woman pushing a baby Jogger. He caught my attention, not only because of its impact, but also because she was wearing black tights sport ... and it was 98 degrees! Ran slowly, and smiled, so I'm sure he was okay, but my alarm bells ringing. As I recognized before on this site are a hypocrite when it comes to praying to see women running. While going through each of my nine pregnancies, except for the first (I started to have cramps for six months and then expires), I still want to cry out that the woman to stop running in and out of heat!

Careful running in hot

Women have come a long way when it comes to fitness and pregnancy. It is now perfectly acceptable for women who were fit before getting pregnant, running and exercise during pregnancy. But the hot summer adds another element that pregnant women need to be tired. Here are some guidelines for pregnant women (compiled by the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology ACOG and other sources) to think and to follow when exercising outdoors in the summer heat:

1. Exercising in the morning or evening ... avoid direct sunlight for ten to fifteen years.

2. Stay hydrated (before, during and after exercise). 8 days, the glass is a good rule to follow ... Just remember that it is a non-workout days, so it's time and effort into your workout. I understand that this will keep campaigning to the bathroom, but are the sacrifices we make, right?

3. Listen to your body. In general, we feel the signs that something is out ... attention to these signals, and not ignore them! Some warning signs to look for sudden swelling of the ankles, face or hands start / persistent headache, excessive fatigue, persistent contractions (6-8 per hour), high pulse rate that persists after exercise.

4.We light, fluid clothes during training. There are lots of options for pregnant women workout gear, high-tech fibers that wick sweat away from your body. Even though I bought most of maternity clothes in retail stores, I bought a pair of high-quality running / workout clothes every pregnancy.

5th Exercise indoors if it is greater than 90 degrees. If it's a workout you want, stay inside and try some of these exercises mutusystem. If you just want to get out and move a bit, go sooner or later, follow the instructions above.

Interestingly, research has shown that the body's ability to regulate heat improves during pregnancy and is a natural adaptation to protect the child. One aspect of this improved heat control is that the woman begins sweating in the heat more quickly than if she was not pregnant. Sweating is important! According to Tim Noakes, MD, author of Lore in a row, there have been studies showing that body temperature in any work decreases with gestation, due to increased capacity of the pregnant woman to lose body heat during exercise. In other words, he says, moderate exercise does not seem to thermal hazards to the child.

Noakes points out, however, that the mother a high temperature (hyperthermia), for whatever reason, can be detrimental to the child, especially if the temperature exceeds 39.2 degrees C in the maternal first three months of pregnancy. Of course, every woman talk to her doctor if she has any questions or concerns about exercising outdoors in the summer. I really like what Noakes said about the bottom line, too. He says there are two gold-standards such as the effects of exercise during pregnancy should be measured. The first is the well-being of children: exercise during pregnancy could prevent or improve the health of the child at birth and during the years of development? Second, it increases the risk of complications, either before or during birth? Up to this point, the scientific evidence has not shown that moderate exercise is maintained during pregnancy has no adverse effects on these factors. Rather, the exercise seems to have many beneficial effects.


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