Monday, October 3, 2011

Laugh All The Way Because A Healthy Mind And Purpose

Did you know that zebras "smile" in greeting, which helps prevent an attack? We know our smiles and laughter can curb aggression and to bring the feeling of well-being. We like to laugh and listen. There are training groups, who pay to participate in regular laughter sessions as part of their health plan - YouTube has a few hysterical!

Dementia trials. Health Ministers of Australia announced that the 'dementia awareness week ", and many interesting news headlines:" a good dose of laughter with dementia Pain "," 10% more bearable after laughing with friends. "Southern Research Cross University, examined whether a stand-up comedy has therapeutic effects on patients with dementia. Associate Professor John Stevens said: "... that was amazing, people began to remember the lines and routines from week to week. This is not expected to dementia. A woman, especially, with serious problems in the short-term memory, had not spoken in two years. But the relatives were stunned when they came to the final performance of the concert to see him perform on stage and laugh. "

Since then, sightings in the UK study (2009), it was decided to reduce the prices of drugs of dementia patients and nurses train drug treatments. This was the result of serious side effects, like the thousands of deaths and strokes.

Smile Survey: a first. Dr Lee-Fay Low, Research Fellow at the University of NSW School of Psychiatry, said: "I think in some schools, they are highly concentrated and the task thoughts," we have to do baths, showers , food and clean "and because they are so busy trying to meet the clinical needs and physical needs of residents that they sometimes forget to take care of emotional needs so that the lightness (the study) is part of it. "

You may wonder why the researchers delve into the performance-based humor, activities such as having a therapeutic effect when it appears to be common sense? Although we live in an age largely focused on performance, I remember what Shakespeare said. "There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes"

Cause and effect. The idea of ​​something fun that makes us laugh, and the idea is before the operation. If we have the power to change our thoughts - to be happy - it is useful to understand the cause and effect. It is encouraging that some medical schools include spirituality in their education in health care. Spirituality is in the realm of thought, conscience. Laughter is the joy of being expressed, and it is healing.

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