Monday, October 3, 2011

Team Sports Councils Grants Promote Motivation

When Susan Spidle signed up for the football team his free time of women, he got exactly what he was looking for a social life immediately. "I returned to Albuquerque after 10 years away, and I do not know a city more", 34, veterinarian says. Although Spidle did not have much because of college, has been on the team to other women.

Spidle has played with the team for five seasons now. And as much as she loves the game, players are what keeps coming back. "Our underlying friendship is really strong. We lived through difficult times together, great damage, fractures and painful transitions, but also the good times and bachelorette parties and newborns," she said. If it found a challenge in his personal life, Spidle know she could turn to one of his teammates for the support 20.

Spidle rarely misses the weekly team training and matches, but she hardly thinks of them as exercise. "You run like five miles during a football game, but it's fun," she said. "I never imagined I would keep doing after college. Now I can not imagine stopping smoking. "

The takeaway: Enthusiasm is contagious, as a recent study shows. Researchers at Northern Arizona University and Wake Forest University asked 90 adults to participate in one of four fitness classes. In some comrades acted bored and interested in others, they were enthusiastic and supportive. The study volunteers not only enjoyed the classes more lively (Who would not?), But they were also more likely to want to return to a similar class in the future.

Make it work for you: If you have difficulty moving, concentrate on finding a group fitness activities with great dynamic, says study author Lesley Fox, Ph.D., clinical psychologist in Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff . Beyond the obvious signs of vitality (full belly laugh, etc.), the search for classes with a loyal following, people who pause to discuss the post-game and post-workout, the teams seem to take losing and winning, and members who socialize outside the gym or off the field. Or find a group that shares a common goal, which keeps the participants turned in advance. Many fitness centers now offer courses to help educate members of the special events (breast cancer awareness run, for example).

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