Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fitting In A Workout During The Holidays

I am writing this while waiting at the airport for our flight back from Florida, where my husband (Jacques) and went for four days. Once there, we are in a little exercise. James does not like the exercise I am, but it does to run and is a wonderful support for me and my physical condition "habits." So while we were out, I met three times (twice with James along Beach Road Jupiter, with magnificent sea views, and once by myself 8 miles hot, humid and flat). I also went to a class of Kettlebell / TRX learned from a friend, Josephine Bunn. Technically, James and I did together, because he left me, went to Dunkin Donuts, and brought me coffee and a donut after school (as I said, it is very favorable). Of course, without our children with us, it was fun and easy to install in a little practice during the holidays. However, it is not our type of vacation (it was the first time they have fled for more than one night in 22 years).

Remaining 99% of the time we go out of our children are with us. Yet they still manage to squeeze fitness for most of the time. So summer is fast approaching, and start a family holiday, their five ways to measure your workout out of the ... or not!

1. Get up and out early before the family wakes up. Actually, this is a tried and true way to do it in this way we guarantee to get it done. If we planned a day per lot, and sometimes this is the only way to meet the physical activity, without the interference of family activities. Cons ... Sometimes we just want to sleep while on holiday ... and wake up early, feeling too much like home.

Involving children second. I will say, "He who runs three miles with me this morning will go out for ice cream later." I have a pretty competitive family, so when one of my children agree, motivation for others to join too. For young children, chart a course where they can get one of those miles with you and then you can drop them off and make another couple without them. ... Advantages Usually works on children 14 and under. .. less . generally does not work on children 15 years and older.

3. Jobs in the exercise of outdoor activities already planned .. Floating in the water in the pool is my favorite. As the children play around me in the water, a fierce drive is just under the surface ... and even hardly notice I'm exercising! With older children, sometimes we have to be creative, as I had to do last August, when the family went to Maine. My oldest son is a college swimmer and needed some swimming in. So while swimming in the lake, rowed with him in a kayak. It was a journey far superior and it was fun to share with him. Other ... Promotes family stability. Less ... You must be very spontaneous and flexible, and sometimes does not work as expected.

4. Take a walk at night. Tell your family every night for your vacation, you will walk for 2-3 miles. If you want to participate and they are old enough to go, let them. You can push the baby in a stroller or broker. Other ... This is a great way to end the day, and can be done almost anywhere you go. Less ... Sometimes the weather does not permit. Then there are those nights that are completely destroyed and can only work in bed and go to sleep.

5. Bring weights with you and do strength training when possible. When I went for more than four days is the lack of strength training, I feel more at home on their return. Bring your own weight can solve this problem. Other ... You do not need much time to do it. Approximately 25 minutes can give you a good workout on the strength of all the quick and dirty area, and children can be around while doing so. Less ... The weights are heavy and unwieldy and will only work if you travel by car (though the band can work well).

6th I know I said five things. It is about not match the performance in your family. Sometimes there are these trips when you know you will not be able to fit in a workout or when you need a vacation from everything, including exercise. For them, vacation, leave the running shoes and workout clothes at home. It is best not to have them sitting in your suitcase if you feel guilty for not exercising. It's your vacation and you choose not to train!

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