Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time Machine - Sculptra Is Volumize And Rejuvenate The Face

You look in the mirror and thinking you are watching is being like your mom or dad. Ouch! Was it a night? This may have occurred. For many, it can be a gradual process that at some point becomes undesirable. What happened? Can you get the hang of young healthy back? Can you look as good as you feel?

Under the skin, sitting on top and around the muscles, is a collection of fat pads. The volume of the different fat pads will change the aging process. Some departments will reduce in size, improving, and some remain the same. Decrease the size of areas of fat tend to produce characteristic digging aging face. These are found in temples, cheeks and chin. When you sit next to areas that may remain stable or grow, this highlights what patients see as a double chin, curly lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette folds.

In addition to changes in the volume of the fat pad, the face is also subject to the thinning of bones. We lose bone through the regions of the facial skeleton. This is in orbit, the bone that supports the eye in place, and in the maxilla and mandible, the bone in the middle of the face and jaws. As a result, the age of a patient receives, the more eyes sit behind the orbits and the bones around the nose and mouth shrink. The sagging of the face that accompanies aging is due in part to the loss of volume. The skin and soft tissue structures can reduce a large envelope now so that collapses into a small frame.

For years, the only answer to this problem was "in" sagging skin like "welcome" a dress that has become too big due to weight loss. However, some rejuvenation reduce the aging clock, restoring the volume. This can be done surgically with a fat transfer or can be done without surgery with a product called Sculptra ™.

Sculptra ™ is made of the same absorbable suture material. It comes as a powder, a plastic surgeon is mixed with water and xylocaine (local anesthetic). When Sculptra ™ is injected into soft tissue, stimulates the body to produce new collagen. This new collagen adds volume to the region where the product is injected. Unlike a typical fillers, which are used to meet the surface wrinkles, Sculptra is injected into the deeper layers of fat and bone compartments.

Initially, the injection time, the patient sees that the volume has been improved. In most patients, symptoms are immediately cleaned, and can return to normal operation. The next 72 hours, the water was mixed with the powder is absorbed and the face returns to normal volume. Then the next six weeks, the body slowly and gradually to produce collagen to fill the areas treated. The majority of patients, because the surgeon wants to create a natural appearance of the harmonic, the entire treatment requires a series of 2-3 injections separated by 6 weeks.

In many studies, Sculptra ™ has proven to be a minimum of two years. Most patients sometimes come in a touch, as he continued volumizing effects of aging.

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