Sunday, October 2, 2011

Medical Examination Before Marriage

Pre-marital anxiety does not give anyone the heels, or even your ex. It's really strange how the behavior of her boyfriend is really exaggerated, since the big day approaches. However, instead of disturbing about such insignificant points, through these medical tests to live happily ever after.

Liver disease

Unlike other varieties of liver disease, liver disease, W inspiring seeds can provide a sexual assault. Individuals is probably not aware of the fact that keeping the virus of this disease. Although this disease is not as serious identical to the human immunodeficiency virus, infected by a lover So you can take any vaccine can prevent the disease.

Eliza Verification

The idea of ​​you realize, regardless of whether Immune Deficiency Virus positive partner or otherwise constitutes a danger to Assists. The main reason guided by this disease is not just a sexual attack on an optimistic person with HIV. The disease takes time to get up. Eliza test can be an excellent way to obtain, regardless of whether they have contracted the herpes virus you have.


Thallasemia really is a genetic disease. With this disorder, the body can not make hemoglobin. The patient has to proceed on transfusion of pain each month.

Bloodstream class

This specific analysis is an addition made to maintain infants born in your mind. You can now find ways to prevent the unborn child that has been influenced by the ruthless terms.

Women are vulnerable when it is really bad with a companion Rh Rh may be optimistic. This group is particularly able to demonstrate a small child who is Rh positive. If the child is with the mixture of mother's body in place, it can increase the risk for the mother to create antibodies against the Rh factor, due to treat newborns a good HR attacker in a positive the body of the VAT.

Analysis of blood is also useful to evaluate various other serious diseases such as HSV simplex virus, syphilis and other STDs.

Women must try fibroids, endometriosis, cervical polyps, or perhaps as a result has not been complications during pregnancy. For women, it is suggested that they are progressing through the Pap test to apply to find out if they have a disability within the cervix that could become cancerous would be. In addition, the girls must go through the entire test gynecologist to ensure that her genitals are actually working quite effectively.


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