Sunday, October 2, 2011

Questions Momentarily Motivation

Here I sat, staring stupidly at my computer screen, hoping something ... something ... arouse my imagination. With my deadline fast approaching blogging, I had almost nothing - just a couple of options of weakness. I needed motivation for a subject, and I needed it quickly.

So, what has been seen? Because it is a simple e-mail a local school director, who dealt with - all - motivation. The message was a small miracle. He gave me the inspiration and the content (not to mention the lifeblood), which makes today's post. Consider, then, motivates me to write motivation.

In short, the message came to Judy Merry, President of the Milwaukee Tennis Academy of Sciences (MAS). The guidance of some teachers at school, some children entered the original text of a song called "Song motivation." Judy has posted the audio clip for all school board members including myself. While each of us loved it (and you see and hear it soon), none has enjoyed more time with me!

Clips and the lyrics are posted below with permission from the school. I think you will be impressed by how clever the lyrics capture the essence of school culture, Judy and her excellent teaching and professional staff work so hard to instill. And do not forget to note the credits at the end of the post.

What seems almost trivial, but questions of motivation when it comes to learning. Believe me, as a teacher, I can tell you there is no substitute for students who are excited to learn. Everyone develops when children are deeply involved and invested in their own learning.

The challenge is to help children develop a real hunger for success and determination to achieve it. Creating a learning culture that makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

In my experience, the best urban schools are very adept at creating and maintaining these cultures. In these buildings, what I like beacons of hope, child poverty, difficulties may still excel in an environment where learning is the right one. In short, these schools are to cultivate the following:

  • believe in themselves
  • willingness and ability to fight
  • love of learning
  • concentration and determination
  • production options
  • Respect yourself and others
  • skilled performance


When all these elements are in place, the impact that schools can be an important level of students increases. And the thread that binds them is nothing but motivation.

But instead of babbling to me is, I leave you with words, sounds, and abilities of students, who seem to have - you guessed it - motivated.

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